Our Vision


DECENT Database is an international peer-reviewed publishing database, which consists of a series of research journals. DECENT Database accepts contributions ranging from short communications, empirical research and review articles.
DECENT research journals, under the platform of DECENT Database, focuses on science, engineering and health (humans and animals). Other areas of specialisation will be incorporated in due course.

Our Vision

We aim to promote empirical research in developing countries, bridge the scientific gap between the developed and developing nations in terms of the conduct of research in contemporary times, and reward hard work. In commitment to bridging the gap, we will offer sponsorships to researchers from across the globe to join the brightest minds in the field of science. The researchers chosen for support will be selected based on their potential contribution to the world of science. 

DECENT Database proposes scientist-centric modifications to the traditional research culture by promoting the exposure of researchers and rewarding them appropriately. Our models for scientific research and publications are designed to stimulate interest in science and encourage translational research.

Conferences will be organised periodically where researchers and scientists will converge to discuss new and emerging technologies. We expect this opportunity to encourage participation in research and development.