Authors Guidelines

DECENT Database is an international publishing peer-reviewed database, which consists of a series of research journals. DECENT Database accepts contributions as short communications, full research articles, and review articles. The DECENT research journals, under the platform of the DECENT Database, will focus on three major areas of Science, Engineering, and Health. A breakdown of the scheme and scope of the journals is presented in the Figure. Please note that DECENT Database only accepts manuscripts in English.


DECENT Journal

DECENT Database is revolutionising the research industry by implementing a points system that rewards authors for the effort of producing scientific articles. All articles will undergo a thorough peer-review by authorities in the area of expertise.

The model offers a one-off inexpensive article processing charge of 50,000,000 $DECENT tokens once the manuscript has been accepted for publication. This is a novel concept that encourages participation in science. The model allows authors to reap dividends from the impact of accepted articles through a continuous reward system.

Authors will receive 5,000,000 $DECENT tokens continuously after every 200 upvotes. This means that dividends will accrue via audience subscription of an author’s article published on the DECENT Database platform. All authors and the general public have unlimited access to published content. Also, all published articles on DECENT Database can be freely used, provided proper citation is given.