DECENT Engineering Editorial Team

Dr. Luqman Atanda, PhD

Administrative Manager - Australia

Luqman has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from The University of Queensland, Australia where his research was on the catalytic conversion of cellulosic biomass to bulk chemicals that are intermediates for the production of bio-based fuels, chemicals and plastics. He then went on to work as a PostDoctoral Research Fellow at Nanomaterials Centre at The University of Queensland on an Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) funded project to demonstrate the feasibility of biocrude upgrade using catalytic fast pyrolysis process. At present, he is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Agriculture and the Bioeconomy (CAB), Queensland University of Technology where he is  demonstrating the feasibility of the production of aviation jet fuels from agricultural waste utilising the Mercurius Biorefinery Technology. Dr Atanda's reseacrh output spans across heterogeneous catalysis, green chemistry, fine chemicals synthesis, biofuels synthesis and biorefining, and he has more than 25 peer-reviewed articles published in reputable journals.

Selected Publications

1. L. Atanda, G.L.L. Fraga, M.H.M. Ahmed, N. Batalha, W. Aslam, M. Konarova, Conversion of agricultural waste into stable biocrude using spinel oxide catalysts, J. Haz. Mater. 402 (2021) 123539.

2. S. Mukundan, D.C. Boffito, A. Shrotri, L. Atanda, J.N. Beltramini, G.S. Patience, Thermocatalytic hydrodeoxygenation and depolymerisation of waste lignin to oxygenates and biofuels in a continuous flow reactor at atmospheric pressure, ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng., 8 (2020) 13195-13205

3. L. Atanda, A. Shrotri, S. Mukundan, Q. Ma, M. Konarova, J. Beltramini, Direct production of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural via catalytic conversion of simple and complex sugars over phosphated TiO2, ChemSusChem, 8 (2015) 2907-2916.

Asst. Prof. R. Jermy Balasamy, PhD

Saudi Arabia

Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University

Institute for Research and Medical Consultations

Research Interests - Catalysis, nanomaterial, drug delivery


Dr. Byron Villacorta, PhD


The University of Queensland

Centre for Advanced Materials Processing and Manufacturing

Research Interests - Polymer nanocomposites, carbon materials


Dr. Rapidah Othman, PhD


University Kuala Lumpur

Malaysian Institute of Chemical and Bioengineering Technology

Research Interests - Nanomaterials, carbon materials, fuel cells


Dr. Prem Kumar Seelam, PhD


University of Oulu

Environmental and Chemical Engr. Unit

Research Interests - Nanomaterials, separation processes, membrane


Asst. Prof. Rupali M. Patil, PhD


Savitribai Phule Pune University

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Research Interest - Heat transfer, fluid mechanics, turbomachines


Dr. Iroju Olaronke, PhD


Adeyemi College of Education

Department of Computer Science

Research Interests - Robotic technology, software prioritization, information systems


Asst. Prof. Aydin Hassani, PhD


Near East University

Dept. of Materials Sci. & Nanotech. Engr.

Research Interests -  Water and wastewater treatment, nanomaterials


Dr. Patricia Ghann, PhD


Koforidua Technical University

Department of Computer Science

Research Interests - Information and communication technology


Asst. Prof. Reza Jalilzadeh-Hamidi, PhD

United States

Arkansas Tech University

Department of Electrical Engineering

Research Interests - Smarts grids, electrical power system protection and security


Dr. Ali Rostami, PhD

United Kingdom

Liverpool John Moores University

Department of the Built Environment

Research Interests -  Architectural technology, quantity surveying


Asst. Prof. Hao Yi, PhD


Chongqing University

College of Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests - 3D printing and additive manufacturing, droplet printing, coatings


Assoc. Prof. Usha B A, PhD


BMS Institute of Tech. and Management

Department of Information Science & Engr.

Research Interests - Information security, software engineering, compiler design


Assoc. Prof. Juin-Ling Tseng, PhD


Minghsin University of Science & Tech.

Dept. of Multimedia & Game Development

Research Interests - Virtual reality, augmented reality, computer game


Assoc. Prof. Guang Yih Sheu, PhD


Chang-Jung Christian University

Dept. of Accounting & Information System

Research Interests - Meshless methods, machine learning, artificial intelligence


Assoc. Prof. R. Gayathri, PhD


Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering

Dept. of Electronics & Comm. Engineering

Research Interests - Computer vision, pattern recognition, machine learning


Dr. Qing Li, PhD


University of Alberta

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests - Mechanical fault diagnosis, prognosis and signal processing