DECENT Science Editorial Team

Dr. Morenikeji Akinlotan, PhD

Administrative Manager - Australia

Morenikeji is an applied mathematician with 9+ years of experience in the mathematical modelling of epidemiological/infectious diseases and complex biological processes across a number of projects. Her research works include the development of mathematical and computational models of human and zoonotic (infectious) diseases, ecological and environmental systems, or health systems, in order to inform public/governmental health policies with on-the-ground application. Morenikeji also has impressive teaching/lecturing skills plus a demonstrated work ethic with 10+ years as a mathematics tutor, casual lecturer, and computer lab demonstrator. She currently works as a Research Fellow at the Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

Selected Publications

1. Morenikeji D. Akinlotan, Dann G. Mallet and Robyn Araujo. Mathematical Modelling of the Role of Mucosal Vaccine on the Within-host Dynamics of Chlamydia trachomatis. Journal of Theoretical Biology 497 (2020): 110291.

2. Morenikeji D. Akinlotan, Dann G. Mallet and Robyn Araujo. An Optimal control model of the treatment of chronic Chlamydia trachomatis infection using a combination treatment with antibiotic and tryptophan Applied Mathematics and Computation 375 (2020): 124899.

Assoc. Prof. Ferit Gürbüz, PhD


Hakkari University

Department of Mathematics Education

Research Interests - Harmonic analysis, Morrey type spaces, singular integrals

Dr. Amos Akande, PhD

South Africa

Council for Scientific & Industrial Research

Next Generation Ent. & Inst. Cluster

Research Interests - Nanomaterials, sensors, photovoltaic system

Asst. Prof. Harish Garg, PhD


Thapar Institute of Engr. & Tech.

School of Mathematics

Research Interests - Reliability analysis, multi-criteria decision making

Asst. Prof. Shoyebmohamad Shaikh, PhD

Saudi Arabia

King Saud University

Department of Chemistry

Research Interests - Inorganic/organic hybrid photovoltaic solar cell

Dr. Force Tefo Thema, PhD


Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources

University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Research Interests -  Nanocomposities, graphene oxides, green synthesis

Dr. Sufal Swaraj, PhD



Source optimisée de lumière d’énergie intermédiaire du LURE (SOLEIL)

Research Interests - Surface, bulk and interface analysis of organic materials

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Universiti Utara Malaysia

School of Quantitative Sciences

Research Interests - Numerical approximation of differential equation models


Dr. Ummadisetti Chinnarajesh, PhD

United States

Indiana University

Department of Chemistry

Research Interests - Heterogeneous nanocatalysis, organic chemistry, green chemistry


Asst. Prof. Hasanen A. Hammad, PhD


Sohag University

Department of Mathematics

Research Interests -  Functional analysis, fixed point and integral inequality under contractive mappings


Dr. Sudheesh K. Shukla, PhD


Shanbdong University

School of Environmental Sci. & Engr.

Research Interests - Hybrid nanocomposite, biosensor, biomedical nanotechnology, molecular recognition


Asst. Prof. Dinesh Pratap Singh, PhD


University of Santiago

Department of Physics

Research Interests - Dye-sensitized/photovoltaic solar cells, nanomaterials, graphene, MOFs


Dr. Sekar Vijayakumar, PhD

South Korea

Kangwon National University

Department of Medical Biotechnology

Research Interests - Biology, nanobiotechnology, nanomedicine, aquatic toxicity, biopolymer


Professor Ho Soon Min, PhD


INTI International University

Centre for Green Chemistry & Applied Chemistry

Research Interests - Nanomaterials, thin films, electrochemistry, solar cells


Assoc. Prof. Hasibun Naher, PhD


Brac University

Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Research Interests - Applied mathematics, PDEs, ODEs, mathematical physics


Dr. Md Tariqul Islam, PhD

United States

University of Texas Permian Basin

Department of Chemistry

Research Interests - Nanomaterials, catalysis, energy storage systems, water treatment