Our Mission

Our mission is to develop a decentralised database, which consists of a series of research journals that are affordable, rewarding, and accessible to people all over the world. Emphasis will be placed on Africa where efforts are ongoing to mentor undergraduates into researchers.

In time, the Database will be enriched with innovative and revolutionary articles following a thorough vetting and peer-review process conducted by renowned authorities in their fields. If an article is accepted for publication, authors will be rewarded via a well-structured, continuous reward system.

Our objective is to disseminate research articles by increasing affordability and attracting a worldwide audience.


a. DECENT Database will establish several state-of-art Scientific Research Hubs around the world.

b. Researchers from all around the world will have the opportunity to submit an application to access the use of world-class Scientific Research Equipment at extremely low fees using $DECENT tokens.

c. The Scientific Research Hubs will be maintained and managed by DECENT Database

d. Participating Universities will have a role to play in supporting the vision of the project.

Our Mission