In order to solve the aforementioned issues associated with the contemporary research databases, DECENT Database aims to develop an accessible and affordable research journals’ platform, where researchers from all over the world, including the developing and underdeveloped nations, can easily access research materials. Authors will no longer need to pay exorbitant publication fees, rather they will continually be rewarded for their effort on any article published on DECENT Database. 

DECENT Database aims to revolutionise the research industry through the use of a system that rewards authors for the efforts of producing scientific articles and the peer-review processes, respectively. The novelty of this concept lies in encouraging participation in science by adopting a model that allows authors to rip dividends from the impact of accepted articles through a continuous token (DECENT coin) reward system.

Accepted articles will be those that have been thoroughly peer-reviewed by authorities within the area of expertise. The continuous token reward system will be a system of accruing dividends per audience subscription of a particular article published on the DECENT Database platform. The establishment of an affordable scientific database for researchers and potential authors, the process of incentivising author(s), and granting free access to the reviewer(s) would decentralize the research database in an affordable and rewarding manner that guarantees accessibility from all over the world. 

The Figure below shows the schematic representation of the peer-to-peer review process and the reward system of DECENT database. Upon submission, an initial manuscript assessment will be carried out by our internal editorial staff. This assessment will include checks for plagiarism, grammatical consistencies/inconsistencies, and adherence to the journal’s instructions to authors.

The assessment will also ascertain that the manuscript is within the scope of the DECENT Database. Suitable manuscripts will then be sent out by an Editor, to three independent expert reviewers for a single-blind peer-review of the scientific content. If accepted, the manuscript will be published on the DECENT Database, and authors will be continually rewarded based on the number of times their article is accessed.

Peer Review Process